Towards a Manifesto for Living Lab co-creation – an Interact 2009 workshop

cocreationws_logoDate: Monday August 24, 2009 (Full day workshop)

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In Living Labs, users are involved in innovation and development within a familiar context. Today, there is great interest in Living Labs, e.g. the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) now includes more than one hundred Living Labs across Europe.

An important trend is to see Living Labs as a way to tap into the creative potential of the potential users as a source of innovation. We are, however, only at the beginning of exploring how to involve Living Lab participants in targeted and beneficial co-creation processes. In particular we need descriptions of processes and methods supporting Living Lab co-creation.

Workshop objective
The workshop objective was to explore Living Lab practices for co-creation, and develop a manifesto for Living Lab co-creation. Currently, the experience and knowledge of Living Lab co-creation seem to reside among Living Lab practitioners rather than researchers, and it was therefore important to engage Living Lab practitioners in the workshop.

Before the workshop
All researchers and practitioners belonging to existing Living Labs was challenged to present their co-creation practices in less than 1000 words. All presentations was made publicly available through the workshop blog, set up at the OWELA virtual Living Lab, for discussion, commenting, rating and voting.

At the workshop
The workshop contributions was presented. Most of the workshop day was reserved for discussions and co-operation; the final delivery of the day being a draft manifesto for Living Lab co-creation.

After the workshop
The draft manifesto for Living Lab co-creation will be refined through an open process. The manifesto should cover process and method recommendations for all relevant stages of the innovation and development process.

The workshop organizers represent four Living Labs: The Norwegian RECORD online Living Lab, the Airport Living Lab at Arlanda, Sweden, the Botnia Living Lab in Luleå, Sweden, and the OWELA (Open Web Lab) of VTT, Finland. The workshop organizers are: 

Asbjørn Følstad. SINTEF, Norway. RECORD online Living Lab

Petter Bae Brandtzæg. SINTEF, Norway. RECORD online Living Lab

Jan Gulliksen. Uppsala university and Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Airport Living Lab.

Mikael Börjeson. Centre for Distance-spanning Technology, CDT at Luleå University of Technology. Botnia Living Lab.

Pirjo Näkki. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. OWELA virtual Living Lab.

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